Volunteer (義工的祈禱)






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道士 說...

You know the World made by Lord is full of chaos and despair, yet you look to Him for guidance. We pull those politicians who ruin our society, but not pray for their mercy.

You understand the pressure and long hours of those who 'serve to survive', you choose to serve. Despite intentions you're very much the same as others in the bureaucraZy of men. Try know not hatred nor anger, but your power to rebel the system. Humans doesn't 'survive to serve'.

Journey is more precious than the outcome. I look for comfort in those who sincerely care, but not for the comfort in those who're supposing care. Miracles bend rules of nature, doesn't bend what you believe in. Do you acquire Satan's care, attention and miracles?

The tide give lifes to many and take lifes from many, accept what you can't change. Once in my lowest point in life, a friend ask me, why not just see how long does your bad luck streak goes?? I run cause I can and cause I wanna,I don't care if other's like me to or not, I live for myself, not for others. Even it's for others, it's those others that I care.

Silence makes you act like a philosopher? but it won't make you more wise. the Lammas in Tibet, Socrates, all seek for virtue within conversations. If you don't take pride in what you do, don't do it. I take pride in my boredom, therefore writing this, making me closer to a humanist.